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A Sagittarius has wings, and if you're not someone they can fly with, you're not worth their time. Are you wondering whether or not you are? If so, these zodiac signs are the best matches for Sagittarius : Aries, Gemini, and Leo. Even though no pair is flawless, these zodiac duos are pretty damn close. However, let's get one thing straight: You can't measure astrological compatibility based on zodiac signs alone.

There are several layers in both partners' birth charts that must be considered and synastry is an art that astrologers spend years perfecting. But hey, I don't think anyone would disagree that the following zodiac signs are made for each other. If I could sum up the partnership between a Sagittarius and an Aries in one word, it would be "exhilarating".

Since both of these zodiac signs are made of the fire element, their intimacy is capable of turning into a full blown inferno. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that reacts instinctively and never shies away from a challenge while Sagittarius is expansive and mutable, always happy to amplify the energy of adrenaline-junkie Aries. Both of these zodiac signs are always in search of "more" out of life and they'll go out of their way to keep things in a constant state of excitement. Think of this pair as a dynamic duo of superheroes.

Scorpio could really stand to learn to like chill out and have fun for a minute, maybe smile when you like someone that could be cool! Sagittarius can learn to stay start a project finish it see it all the way through and maybe see what happens at the end. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the ruler of luck expansion and philosophy. The element of Sagittarius is fire. So when two fire signs get together they can destroy.

But the opposite can happen too, they can also provide a lot of warmth a lot of passion, a lot of fiery energy. So what attracts these two to each other? Now, this pairing is the epitome of balance from two opposing signs. Capricorn being ruled by Saturn: very grown up, all mature, sensible and wanting to make sure that things are done the right way and that everything is nicely managed and on the straight and narrow contrasted with Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter who just wants to be so playful and free of any serious amounts of responsibility.

Generally, when we look at charts when we look at people who have too much Saturn, we look to Jupiter to balance them out. The unfortunate thing that happens is that if these two are coming at it from a romantic angle right away they can generally completely miss out on each other because one thinks that the other is really flawed. Capricorn can come off as very pompous right, very elitist whereas Sagittarius like Capricorn sees them as a bit childish and immature, as someone who likes to play one too many games.

One of the best things about this pairing is that they generally have a mutual admiration for each other. Sagittarius really likes the way that Aquarius is so quirky, innovative and has this forward-thinking in this vision of how things can go whereas Aquarius really thinks that Sagittarius is so good at acquiring the knowledge on how to bring those full-scale changes together to make it actually happen. What makes it even more exciting for these two is that they can be very competitive with each other so they get the chance to almost light a little bit of fire under each other and get one another going a bit.

It is also really helpful that the right elemental pairing exists here via the Fire and Air signs. So this pair generally works well together, and they are a great conflict resolver pairing in a relationship because they both really do want to get on to the next thing and not to hold any grudges that might impact their future successes together. When Sagittarius and Pisces come together you have a very interesting experience because here you have a fire sign and a water sign and one of our most highly introspective signs in general.

Now Pisces, being that water sign, is very good at adapting to surroundings and going with the flow which is great for Sagittarius because of how free Sagittarius wants to be. With Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter as well, they do have a planet similarity and that is that they both want to acquire knowledge or information and they apply it to their lives and out into the world in a very visionary way.

On the other side of this equation, Pisces can really calm Sagittarius down they can work to calm them down because Sagittarius can be very hot-headed, they can lose their temper and blow their lid and Pisces can kind of bring them back down to the ground. Aquarius site editor, fascinated by Numerology, Horoscopes and Tarot. Especially intrigued with how tried and tested, time-honored tools such as Astrology can help me better understand the biggest enigma in human history — Men! See author's posts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

A Virgo does have common sense, and may realize that this dreamer was the person they fell in love with, and overlook all except the traits that were first loved. Pisces must understand the Earth person will be very hurt if secrets are kept. Virgos only worry because they care so much. The Pisces one must realize that a Virgo who really cares about their future together and peace of mind is truly a Godsend. Piceans are not very good at looking after themselves. Virgo undergoes great inner anxiety when their relationship has no clear and defined future goals.

It would not be a bad thing to let the Virgo lead the way for a while. These two will travel far together, and love to talk to each other, because they communicate so well. They can discuss their problems and find solutions. They both find each other magnetically attractive, their love makes them feel so safe and secure in each other. So if they try hard, they can dream together forever. Going on Sun signs alone is very little information for me to really interpret or to know about either one of you. But normally, zodiac signs next to each other understand each other, and I know many such successful couples.

Mercury and Venus are the closest planets to the Sun. So Mercury how you think for a Scorpio could be in Sag. Or vice versa. Venus, social life, what you want in love can also be in the sign next to you, so this helps communication and can actually describe the person or type who attracts you, and the sign next to you can be it.

It works both ways. If you go to CafeAstrology. I am a Cancer, and my first love was a Capricorn. I fell head over heels right from the start; it felt like it was cosmic and meant to be. I was young, 15, and he was four years older than me. My parents hated him; family is a big issue with Cancers and Capricorns. I know he loved me too, and we saw each other on and off for about four years.

Cancer and Sagittarius: Zodiac Compatibility in Love, Relationships & Sex | Astrology Answers

But opposites always feel that pull. We didn't have the same backgrounds, and by the end, I still loved him but accepted it would always be like that. My theory is if someone leaves you once because of problems, they will again. Your opposite is one of your soulmates, but that doesn't mean it will be forever. I never forgot my first love. It's powerful. Be careful. It's a blessing and a curse! You will learn lessons from the relationship. I did, but too personal to discuss here. I usually don't think a fire sign like Aries will get along well with an earth sign like Virgo.


Aries people are fun and impulsive and like to show off, and they need lots of attention. Virgos are intellectually curious but are more cautious in their approach to life. Virgos are planners, and Aries have never heard that word.

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Any zodiac sign can fall in love with any zodiac sign. Gemini and Virgo are what we call mutable signs. Both communicate well but have different styles. The Virgo woman is more practical and organized in thoughts and speech. She is also critical and has exacting standards. The Gemini man is thinking about ten things at once, interested, and talking about them all. You have to sort it out. Gemini is less serious, as the air sign.

The two signs are in a square aspect, meaning there will be challenges and chemistry. You are both changeable and get bored fast, what mutable signs do. But don't let that discourage you. You both have 9 other planets in signs and houses and all the other planetary aspects. Give it some time. Fire and air signs are compatible. Sag people don't judge others and are interesting and easy to be with. Libras are smart and ambitious, and both are outgoing and friendly. Fire Sag needs Air Libra to burn. It's good unless there are other things I don't know about in the chart.

It's a good start. This is called a square aspect, which although challenging, can be exciting as well. Both are cardinal leadership signs, so you both have goals and plans for the future, and the ambition to carry them out unless other planetary influences in the charts say otherwise. The Libra is ruled by the head, but Libras likes balance and doesn't like to argue.

Cancer is more sensitive, but both of you communicate well, so will talk your problems out. It's not a lot of info to go on, but I don't think it will be an issue. See what happens! Usually, signs next to each other have similar views about the subjects which matter. If we drew out a real horoscope, we would be likely to find that he has planets in Sagittarius, and you have planets in Capricorn, increasing the odds you would understand each other.

So, why not? Usually, Sun signs next to each other get along, because all of your planets are in a zodiac sign. So an Aries probably has at least one planet in Taurus, and the Taurus probably has one or more planets in Aries. But you can't plan a relationship on Sun signs alone, it's a very small part of your astrological story. Will a Virgo man married to an Aquarius cheat with a Pisces woman?

During a water sign season cusp, like Cancer or Pisces, what dates are the most cosmically charged for a position change? There aren't really any dates on a cusp, EVERY day the sun is in a specific Zodiac sign, or it may change signs during the course of the day, so you need the Month, Day, Year, and time of birth to find a Sun sign. A whole horoscope has to be cast to find the best dates for specific things. The houses matter, the distances between planets matter. Each chart is very different. It takes a lot more than knowing a Sun sign to be able to answer a question like that.

In my astrology articles, my efforts are to teach people the truth about astrology. Every planet and your Moon is in an astrology sign, and there are 12 houses which all have meanings. The distance between each planet matters. So does the Date, Time and Place of Birth. But the quick answer you want is that it will be a challenging relationship.

Capricorn and Libra are both leadership signs that are very ambitious people. The Libra woman thinks she's a Queen, and expects to be treated like one. But she is generous, friendly, and loves to socialize. She would do well in the hospitality industry. A Capricorn man is stable and likes his security, but he is a hard worker. He will appreciate the business knowledge the Libra woman has, and also the time she takes to look good. He's sensual, but mostly in private, and she likes to get attention from her man.

If she accepts it when he's ready to give it, they can basically understand each other. He's a lot more down to Earth, but needs a little of her vitality to liven up his life. Based on that, it can work. Sometimes we need challenge and Libra and Capricorn are what we call "cardinal signs of change. But sometimes that is why a soulmate comes into your life! I think it has potential.

We are like 2 magnets to each other. Even after 2. Is it normal when you share some of the same zodiac signs like that? This is very little to go on, as all ten planets are in a zodiac sign, a house, and make aspects to other planets. Both are Earth signs, so basically it's a trine aspect, so it should be a relationship which just flows very easily. But there are so many other factors involved, and all of them can change this. Try it and see how it goes. The Virgo is sensible and reliable, so is the Taurus. He may be critical, being a Virgo, but is a good communicator, and cares about his health and yours if you get serious.

A Taurus woman is sexy and also down to earth and kind, being ruled by Venus makes it a romantic sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, so the Taurus is more stubborn. I hope that helps a little. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Believe it or not, opposite astrology signs have a lot of the same traits. They also have similar views on the important things in life, although they express that in different ways. Most people end up in a relationship or at least a short fling with their opposite at some time or other.

You can't help it, you get pulled in. They can even be the love of your life, but sometimes circumstances get in the way. Perhaps you can give me some insight. Why do astrologists say to pay close attention to your "opposite sign's" reading, in addition to yours?

How is an opposite sign's readings helpful? You don't need to know anything about astrology to know if you are compatible with somebody. In fact, when people write and don't know, I have to tell them they probably aren't. Capricorn and Scorpio can do well together, but it's just a Sun and Moon signs. I have to do whole Natal Birth charts, and even then can't promise a couple will be together forever. You have to use common sense.

How much does that have to do with anything? Do you think they will make it? What problems should they watch out for? Usually zodiac signs next to each other get along quite well. The Libra probably has Mercury or Venus in Virgo, and vice versa. So they communicate well and can understand each other. Guys are weird about dating their friend's sisters. I guess the are afraid it will mess up their bro thing. I think it was wise to decide to be friends. That doesn't mean it will always be that way, or can't get romantic later.

Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

Keep in touch with him. If a Scorpio wants to get to know you better, he will be direct about it. Try to move on for now, but keep him in your sights! I am a Taurus and my Crush is a Scorpio, weirdly enough this discribed us perfectly. He is very distant lately should I be worried? Since he found out I liked him, we decided on being friends. He is one of my brother's best friends and it would have been awkward. But seriously should I be still trying or should I stop and try getting over him? These two signs are opposites, my friend. Opposites attract. We almost all have at least a fling with someone opposite of our own Sunsign.

Both are conservative, but Cancer is more affectionate. Capricorn shows it in private. Both are ambitious and plan for the future. If he's staring, he's interested. Capricorn is ruled by Time, and they don't like to waste it. I don't know enough to say it will last, a tarot reading could help. But I say go for it, you'd be a fool not to.. Stares at me a lot. It's true you have to go with someone who accepts you as you are. Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed, or stubborn signs. So you may find that you have to compromise more to get who you want.

Generally there is one person who is the reacher and one who is the settler in any relationship. That's not a bad thing. But you do sound a little overbearing. You may meet your match though! Leos are charming and Scorpio Moons are devoted and intense. Good luck. This might be a bit late to comment, however I am a leo sun and scorpio moon.

So fairly dominant signs. You had a line that stated this - "But Leo has to learn that a mate will not be submissive to them, maybe they think they are Kings and Queens, but they are the same as everyone else. I just wanted to throw in here that as someone with a very dominant personality, my partner has to be submissive to a certain extent. Obviously not all women like that, however I do not think a leo trying to suppress this will be able to keep a stable relationship.

It is better that they find a partner that likes them how they are. Sometimes we call them "fatal opposites. Be we remember them as the loves of our lives. This is so correct. I have a crush on him and rumour says he does too. Usually signs next to each other get along very well. Your Mercury how you think and Venus your love life can often be in each other's signs, and that helps things along.

I have articles on sun signs in Exemplore. Best Regards, Jean. I'm saggitarius, and I love scorpio. Can I get some advice? Thank you. Taurus is serious and steady, a gentleman who will treat you well. I was with one for 39 yrs. Aquarius is a nonconformist and loves adventure, but sort of aloof with love. It depends on what you want. Both are Stubborn! Pisces and Libra are both outgoing, gentle people who love being around other people. Libra is ruled by Venus, and loves to go out and enjoy life.

It's also a leadership sign, so they like to get their own way. But Libras love to be in a relationship, they hate to be alone. Bet on it. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so they are the dreamers. They can be friends with everyone and understand what it's like to walk in their shoes. A Pisces doesn't discriminate and can get along with everyone. Pisces is also the most spiritual, being the last sign of the zodiac. They need time to themselves because they are so interested in others they get very involved with their problems, and can get burned out.

I can understand why you keep coming back together. The Pisces love is very true, and the Libra doesn't want to be alone. I hope it works out. If you look on Astrothemes.

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Cafe Astrology also has tables with planets on it that can answer your questions, or you are welcome here. What's the relationship between Pisces and Libra? The way you said this makes me think you are in trouble? CAncer changes 12x a month, as the ruler, the moon, moves through all the zodiac signs. Aquarius people change a lot because Uranus is like a bolt of lightening.

But since you both change a lot, this helps you understand each other.

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility: Nature and Nuances

I don't know the other planets, but don't worry just about this. It's good. Well, you are both air signs, so this should be easy. You Librans want to be in love and in relationships of all kinds. You are ruled by Venus so can show you feelings more easily. Aquarians care, but aren't the best about expressing them, although other factors in the chart can change that.

See Tiffani's answer above yours. Did you try to talk about this with her? This should be able to be worked out. You can do it! Take care, Jean. Well, as a Pisces, you are the more outgoing one. Taurus people are kind, even sweet, but don't talk unless they really have something to say. The two signs are very compatible. You may have to be the one to start the conversation or make the first move. I am Cancer and was married to a Taurus for 34 yrs.

He passed 3 years ago. Water and Earth are a sort of cozy combo, you have to be careful not to get in a rut. You can do a composite, what sign is in the middle of your two signs, and that's the sign of your relationship. That can give you clues. We were Gemini together, and traveled a lot. I'm so glad we did, since we can no longer do that.

I'm an earth sign,my ex is a water sign Those are two signs that go together well. Pisces is a water sign, and Taurus is an Earth sign. Earth needs Water or it would dry up, and Water needs Earth or it would have no path. This is a good combination. Good Luck! Hi Faraz, Those are opposite signs. You are practical and a little critical. She is creative and dreamy. You both want the same things in life. It's hard to be with your opposite sign, but if you communicate and can work it out, she will be the love of your life.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both! I notice he does care what others think, and i don't to a degree. It's weird. He needs more attention and i love to give him that attention. I really love it, the warmth and feeling. I also have pisces and virgo 12th and 6th house and he has Virgo, Scorpio. I also have taurus dominant in my chart. You make some good points regarding Capricorns and Leos. Often Capricorns have a lot of responsibility thrust upon them, which they never bargained for.

Saturn is their ruler, and it's a karmic planet, so they must learn from those lessons thrust on them. Some are oldest children, who always get the bulk of family responsibility as years go on. They are stoic, and their life circumstances often force them to be, in order to handle all they must. But their inhibitions can be let down, by the right people, and they chill out as they get older for some reason. Now, a Leo always is an optimistic soul, being ruled by Jupiter.

Leos are always lucky in life and don't usually have as much responsibility as Capricorns. If they do, they can charm someone else into doing the work for them. Capricorns also are looking at the big picture, and Leos are more in the moment kind of people. Leos are very generous. Both have good traits.

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You would be attracted to both signs. Opposites always attract, but it can be the first love you aren't mature enough for yet, or other circumstances can pull you apart. You want the same things, but differ on how to get them. We always get along with the signs next to us, and I know many married couples who are with the zodiac sign next to them. A Leo Sun can have Mercury how you think and Venus love and social life in Cancer, so that would be why you would understand that person. Best wishes. I am a cancer guy and secretively like capricorns grounded approach towards life and a unique wisdom to resolve toughest of the issues,with a never giving up attitude.

Nevertheless,every sign has its uniqueness which itself speaks the reason of its existence. Thanks for writing in! I have experience with this combo, my first love was a Capricorn. I think we were both just too young. At the time I felt we were too much different from each other, but with the passing time I realized the issue was that we were really too much alike!

He left me a lot of times he was 3 yrs. It is a good combo though, especially since you are a bit older. I don't think it's odd you use Astrology at all. I can remember everyone's signs, even if I can't recall their names! Capricorns are reserved, even with those they love a lot. Actually they loosen up more when they get older, sort of reversed from other people. We Cancers do get our feelings hurt easily, so I know how that is.

If you went from being friends to lovers, I would think he was caring a lot more than he showed you at first. Capricorns are afraid of rejection, they don't take it well. Plus you are the more outgoing of the two, and he may be jealous if you pay more attention or what he perceives as more attention to other friends. You both care about the future and are planners.

You both care about family, even if you don't have kids, you will have friends, relatives and pets you consider family. Opposites often feel the same about a topic or issue, they just approach it from a different way, but want the same outcome. I cant' promise you forever, that's a tall order. But I can promise a very meaningful relationship. If you want we can do a tarot reading, I have all the info on my blog, Spiritualitypathways. I absolutely love your hub! I am an astrology nut, I check my stats all the time, and even though it may sound silly I base almost all of my relationships business, friendships, romances, and everything in between on the basic standards of astrology.

More so because I have just recently entered a relationship with a Capricorn and I am a cancer. We are older, but I still worry about our future which appears to be pretty standard for a cancer. We had been great friends for years and he surprised me one day. Now, I feel madly in love with him; I love how kind he is, how compassionate, how patient, how affectionate he is, I love how he was raised, I love his dedication, but there feel like something is off.

Like, he has a wall up, or maybe he is just a little bit reserved, or maybe I am being too sensitive. From your professional astrological opinion, would you think Capricorns and Cancers have a forever future? You amuse me, Roy. I've never heard a word for Astrology lovers, maybe we could create one? Well, that's not completely true. I have Mercury and Venus in Gemini, so do have a whimsical side! I'm happy you are reading my work. Lately I've updated my host package and am having trouble with the ads on the blog, so haven't been writing as much.

But I hope to get it fixed soon! Thanks for writing! Is there a name for astrology lovers, followers like us? Great post, especially since I am a true Cancerian. Lots of encouraging information, Look out Capricornians I look forward to reading more of your posts. A Virgo craves so many details, but just wants to get everything right. Sometimes the details can seem trivial to the rest of us, and they can be critical.

But communication is the key in any relationship, and you both seem to have it in spades. I feel good about this match, and wish you all the best! I'm a Pisces and my girlfriend is a Virgo. We get a long very well but times don't see eye to eye. But we're very loyal ppl and love hard. Not only that,our chemistry is inseparable. I can say I do learn a lot from her which she probably doesn't know. This relationship grew me and I'm sure it grew her as well.

We're well balanced but the only thing is compromising. With my communication skills, we're able to dig in to our problems and resolve them without issues. But the thing is I have to explain each and everything she doesn't understand in very specific details, which can get frustrating sometimes. We know our differences and that's a plus I feel. This relationship is said to be very lasting relationship as long as we learn to deal with our differences. I'm not sure what you mean. I am Cancer and my first love was Capricorn. We were young and didn't end up staying together, but 40 years later I still think of him and wonder how his life was I moved and never saw him again.

Both signs are serious, and a little on the touchy side. But they are very emotional and supportive, and often have similar views on important matters. They both want security and aren't looking for someone superficial. Write back if you have any other concerns. This is also two parts. I'm sad by how everyone in the comments are happy reading about their opposing sign matches I was really bummed when I kept scrolling looking for the Cancer-Capricorn opposites but to only find happy Aries - libra etc.

There is a lot to learn. I still go off on different directions, and have been reading the Tarot a lot in the last few years. But I like Astrology better. That was my early, very early years of learning.