Sextile astrology january 10 2020

August 11, through January 10, Mercury Oppose Uranus. October 5 through October 8, Mars Oppose Chiron.

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October 5 through October 11, Venus Enters Scorpio. October 8, Yom Kippur Begins at Sundown. October 8 through October 9, Sun Quincunx Neptune. October 8 through October 11, Moon Enters Pisces. October 9, Venus Quincunx Chiron. October 9 through October 12, Mars Quincunx Uranus. October 9 through October 15, Venus Oppose Uranus.

October 11 through October 14, Sun Sextile Jupiter. October 11 through October 16, Moon Enters Aries. October 12, Mercury Sextile Saturn. October 12 through October 15, Saturn Sextile Neptune. October 13 through November 30, Aries Full Moon. October 13, Sukkot Begins at Sundown.

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October 13 through October 14, Columbus Day - Indigenous Peoples Day. October 14, Thanksgiving Day Canada. Moon Enters Taurus. Mercury Trine Neptune. October 14 through October 17, Moon Enters Gemini. October 16, Sign Change When a planet crosses into a new sign, it can create a whole new energy in the area that planet governs. Trine Trines, degree angles, are the most positive aspects in Astrology. When 2 planets are Trine, they are in the same element Earth, Air, Fire, or Water , and they are working together in harmony.

They can usually generate positive situations with no effort at all. Sextile When planets are sextile, they are 60 degrees apart. Sextiles can bring positive outcomes, but only with some effort on our parts. Quincunx A Quincunx is also sometimes called an Inconjunction. When planets are quincunx they are neither sharing the same element Earth, Air, Fire, or Water nor the same qualities Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable.

That means there is nothing mutual for them to share, and the two planets will not function together. Quincunxs are actually minor aspects, and their influence is more subtle. Conjunction When two planets are conjunct, whether or not it will be positive or negative depends upon the planet. In most cases it is negative, except when Venus or Jupiter are involved. Venus and Jupiter have a tendencey to sweeten planets in this position.

Opposition When planets are at a degree opposition, it usually brings challenges and conflicts.

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They will always be in the same element Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Occasionally an opposition can bring more of a reflection period, especially when the Moon is involved.

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

Square Squares are 90 degree angles, and they will also be in the same quality Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable as oppositions. Squares can bring very difficult situations, especially when 3 planets line up in a T-square, or 4 planets align to make a grand cross. Expect conflicts when dealing with squares, especially when Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are involved.

The new year kicks off with the first set of eclipses for right away, and we have a solar eclipse on January 5th at PM ET in Capricorn. This is the first of 3 eclipses in Capricorn next year big for Capricorns!

October 12222

This can play out individually, and we can see it on a global scale. Capricorn rules governments, institutions, and politics, so we may see important events, decisions, actions with governments in the world, politically oh yeah we've got a new Congress coming here in the U. There may be new roles, new responsibilities, and new visions. With Capricorn ruling goals, it's the perfect eclipse to start a brand new year, helping us to get focused, get a little disciplined, put together realistic plans, and figure out how we want the year to go.

It may not go exactly according to plan, but we can be practical enough to understand that - and make backup plans! This eclipse is conjunct aligned with Saturn in Capricorn, amplifying the Capricorn energy since Saturn naturally rules Capricorn.

Your Weekly Astrology Overview: September 23-29, 12222

It's also sextile positive aspect, two signs away Neptune in water sign Pisces, and we can trust our intuition, uncover what's hidden, use imaginations and creativity, and do more for others. The eclipse occurs at 15 degrees 25 minutes in Capricorn.

The aspects to this eclipse are: Conjunction: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Capricorn Semisextile: 13 degrees 25 minutes - 17 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius or Aquarius Sextile: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio or Pisces Square: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Aries or Libra Trine: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Taurus or Virgo Quincunx: 13 degrees 25 minutes - 17 degrees 25 minutes Gemini or Leo Opposition: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Cancer Then comes a lunar eclipse on January 21st at AM ET in Leo.

This will be the last eclipse for a while in Leo, so there may be some finalizing in a way of things that have been shaping up, in development for the last couple of years. Final decisions being made, finishing touches being put on, last chapters being finished before we move on. With Leo, we can be more affectionate and want more attention and praise. We want to come together in love and play, and enjoy ourselves a little bit before we get too serious.